How to Measure Your Bracelet Size

Purchasing bracelets is much easier if you know your correct wrist size. When you order our bracelet, we want it to fit you nicely! There are two methods on how to measure your bracelet properly so you can be sure it will fit right.

Method 1: Bracelet Inner Circumference

1. Measure your wrist size

Use flexible / soft measuring tape, or a strip of paper and measure tightly (do not squeeze) just above (towards elbow) your wrist bone. This is your actual wrist size, not your bracelet size. 


2. Add approximately 1 cm to your actual wrist size depending on how tight you would like your bracelet to fit. The more you add to your wrist size, the lower your bracelet will hang on your hand. That is the bracelet size you would wear. 

*Note: Model in the photo can wear both sizes, but prefer 15 cm bracelet because the 16 cm bracelet felt a bit loose. 



**For Method 1, we can only make bracelet with inner circumference difference of 1 cm, for example: 14 cm, 15 cm, 16cm, etc. 


Method 2: Bracelet Length

The length of this bracelet is 18 cm + 3 cm extender chain. You can use your similar existing bracelet for this method. 


Please let us know which method you use and the size measurement, for example: Method 1 - 15cm or Method 2 - 18 cm.